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The Zulu Investor 

How We Started:

The Zulu Investor was first made to provide an effective way to communicate with the Zulu shareholders for our Zulu Investment Partnership.

We are here to build long-term partnerships with you. The Zulu Fund targets a 15-18% average annual return over time.

Why Are We Here:

About Founder:


Brian K. Yu

I currently serve as the head managing partner of the The Zulu Fund Portfolio. The AUM of our fund to date is approximately $600,000. I consider myself to be a deep value contrarian investor. I'm currently 24 years old, hold a bachelors degree, and I am working towards my CFA designation. 

Since I was in elementary school, I was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's famous book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' to explore what the meaning of business and creating wealth is.

I have been following my childhood dreams ever since.


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