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The Zulu Investment


 Safety. Growth. Outperformance.

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Brian K. Yu

Managing Partner of the Zulu Investment Partnership

Zulu's Competitive Strength 


The Zulu Investment Partnership was started to help my loved ones grow their wealth. Today, we offer you the same opportunity. We are confident that our fund offers an unrivaled path to your financial success. 


The Zulu Fund targets at least a 15% to 18% return on annual investment. ZIP follows a time-tested investment approach that has shown excellent returns throughout decades. We believe durability is key to long lasting success. 

Since inception, we never had a single client - only partners.  

Majority of our wealth is invested into ZIP. In contrast, most mutual fund managers do not have a significant sum of their net worth invested in their funds - half of them don't even have a single dollar invested. Not surprisingly, more than 95% of these funds underperform. Success, in the absence of faith is tough.  

Unlike the vast majority of funds we compete against, we believe and love what we offer. We succeed only when our family succeeds. Our interests are strongly aligned with yours - we are here to make money with you, not off you. We stand behind in full faith and confidence that we are on the best track to a lifetime of stock market outperformance. 




                             Brian K. Yu

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